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A picture of the trees and plants at Jesmond Wood in Highcliffe, Dorset


We're a community action group dedicated to protecting 7 acres of Jesmond Wood in Highcliffe, Dorset, from the threat of deforestation, biodiversity loss and urban development.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of securing Jesmond Wood as a valuable wildlife corridor and green space for our community - now and for the future.

Save Jesmond Wood - Community Action Group

What We Believe In


Jesmond Wood faces a challenging combination of pressures; deforestation, climate change and inappropriate development.  A carefully managed woodland provides a wide range of benefits to our community. The trees and ground cover plants in Jesmond Wood support the health and well-being of Highcliffe's residents by improving air quality and reducing road noise, offering habitat and protection to wildlife, they prevent nutrient loss and soil erosion, improve water quality and help to reduce the risk of flooding.

Our local green corridors, of which Jesmond Wood is an important part, are networks of natural vegetation that provide living pathways and boundaries in our urban community. 


If Jesmond Wood is lost, there is an increased risk of flooding in the village and irreversible damage to the unique biodiversity of Highcliffe.  Please work with us to protect this valuable and fragile ecosystem.

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Image by Anita Kalkdijk


the wildlife in our community

Image by Wout Deceuninck


our vital

green corridor

Image by Alex Dukhanov




Jesmond Wood in the heart of Highcliffe

The last remnants of an ancient forest; Jesmond Wood is a mile-long stretch of woodland and a wildlife corridor in Highcliffe, Dorset.  A valuable ecosystem in the centre of Highcliffe village, Jesmond Wood consists of 7 acres and around a thousand trees.  It’s home to many species of protected bats, and bird species on the UK list of Birds of Conservation Concern 5.  Grass snakes and slow worms have been found here.  Locals enjoy watching foxes, hedgehogs, badgers, deer and even otters in the woodland corridor.  Animals use it because it’s a unique shelter and safe passage through Highcliffe - from Chewton Bunny in the east, to Steamer Point in the west, and Chewton Common in the north of the village. 

On the map below, click on "Satellite" (on the left) to see the wildlife corridor with Jesmond Wood at the centre.

Get Involved

Ways you can support Jesmond Wood

Give your time

One of the easiest ways you can get involved is by volunteering some of your time or a skill.

Can you help deliver leaflets to your neighbours; take photos of wildlife in the woodland; do you have professional skills that can help us e.g. lawyer, planner or ecologist? 

Update on the Appeal

The landowner has appealled the decision made by BCP Planning Committee. The time has passed for representations from the public. We now have to wait for the Planning Inspector's decision and hope that the refusal is upheld. 

Active Support

You can lend your support by spreading the word about the risk of losing Jesmond Wood.

Share our posts on Instagram or display a poster in your window 

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